How to Withdraw Money from Crypto Com to Bank Account

Over 50 million traders and investors utilize, a highly well-liked site for crypto exchange, crypto debit cards, and DeFi services. Many users of are curious about how to take their money out of the exchange. Let's investigate how!

What Is Crypto.Com?

A cryptocurrency exchange site is called Crypto. com. It enables trading between users utilizing more than 20 fiat currencies and over 250 cryptocurrencies. At the moment, it is also freely available in more than 80 nations. Despite not being the most complex cryptocurrency trading platform, it might be a little frightening at first due to its webpage. Along with offering a digital wallet and excellent levels of security, is renowned for being less expensive than other prominent cryptocurrency trading websites.

How To Withdraw Money from Crypto Com to Bank Account?

You must first sell a cryptocurrency to transfer funds from to your bank account. Once you've sold a cryptocurrency, you may withdraw the funds by linking a bank account. The following are easy ways to transfer money from to a bank account:

1: Open Crypto.Com and Click the Logo

You must first open the app, open your account and log in if you haven't already. You must find your crypto wallet after entering the app. For further information, click the logo in the menu bar.

2: Select Crypto Wallet

The menu will appear when you tap the logo. There are several alternatives available on the menu. This comprises "Crypto Wallet," "Track," "Fiat Wallet," and other applications. Tap "Crypto Wallet" to go to your digital wallet.

3: Make Your Crypto Selection

Your cryptocurrency wallet will open once you have selected "Crypto Wallet." You will now see a list of the cryptocurrencies you currently possess along with their balances. You must first sell a cryptocurrency to withdraw money from to your bank account.

4: Tap on Sell

You'll get 3 alternatives after tapping on the cryptocurrency you wish to sell (like Bitcoin). You may purchase a cryptocurrency using the "Buy" option, and you can transfer a cryptocurrency to another wallet using the "Transfer" option. Select "Sell" because you want to exchange the bitcoin for fiat money.

5:  Enter the Sum in Crypto You Want To Sell

You'll get to the selling screen after tapping "Sell."

  • To start trading your cryptocurrencies for fiat money, click "Fiat Wallet."
  • Second, enter how much Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies you wish to sell. The cryptocurrency's available balance is shown above the number pad.
  • Thirdly, decide which fiat money you wish to purchase.
  • Finally, click the "Sell" button to exchange your Bitcoin for the chosen fiat money.

6: Verify Your Desire to Sell

The verification box will appear once you hit "Sell." On the login screen, you can see the coin's quantity, rate, fee, method, and overall cost. To sell the coin, tap "Confirm."

7: Tap Anywhere to Continue

You'll arrive at the completion screen after tapping "Confirm," as the name implies. You can check how much bitcoin you've sold on the final page. To proceed, tap anywhere on your screen.

8: Tap on the Logo

You may now withdraw bitcoin to your bank account after selling it for fiat money. First, return to the app's main page.

9: Select Fiat Wallet

The menu will appear when you tap the logo. There are several alternatives available on the menu. This comprises "Crypto Wallet," "Track," "Fiat Wallet," and other applications. To access your fiat money, tap "Fiat Wallet."

10: Tap on Transfer

You will get to your fiat wallet after tapping "Fiat Wallet." You may view a list of the fiat currencies you possess along with their balances in your fiat wallet. Tap "Transfer" to begin making withdrawals to your bank account.

11: Tap on Withdraw

After selecting "Transfer," you'll be presented with two choices. Both "Deposit" and "Withdraw" fall under this. If you wish to transfer money from, therefore click "Withdraw."

12: Choose a Currency

You must choose the fiat currency you wish to withdraw to your bank account after tapping "Withdraw" on the screen.

13: Enter the Desired Withdrawal Amount

You must choose a bank account and enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw on the withdrawal page. First, enter the initial sum of money you wish to withdraw and choose the bank account for transferring. You will see an "Add Bank Account" option if you've not yet added a bank account, once you've entered, click "Withdraw."

Note: There is a $100 minimum withdrawal limit.

14: Verify Your Desire to Withdrawal

You will arrive at the confirmation page after selecting "Withdraw." Your withdrawal information may be found on the confirmation page. This comprises the sum, the charge, and the destination of the withdrawal.

15: Observe 3–5 working days

You will arrive at the "Your request is pending for review" screen after tapping "Confirm." The withdrawal procedure is completed in 3 to 5 working days. You'll receive push alerts and emails from informing you of its progress.


While converting cryptocurrencies to fiat money is quite straightforward, depositing fiat money into your bank account may involve additional processes. You may transfer money from your account to a bank account extremely quickly and easily. However, if you follow the procedures exactly, the process might still be rather simple.

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