Who is Crypto Kirby?

“In recent years, cryptocurrency has been making a loud buzz worldwide. Many have taken the step of investing in cryptocurrency, treating the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum like gold. Cryptocurrency is one lucrative market, and the profit one can get from it is enticing to investors. If you’re new to blockchain technology, the notion of investing your hard-earned money in it could be risky, especially if you have no idea how to start. An expert’s advice is usually what you seek first if you’re serious about investing. If you’ve been trying to seek information on YouTube, chances are you’ve come across Crypto Kirby. You may have even checked out some of their videos and noticed their anonymity. Who is Crypto Kirby, and why do they remain anonymous?”

The Anonymous Trader

Crypto Kirby is an infamous trader who owns the Crypto Kirby Trading YouTube channel and The Crypt Kirby VIP Elite Telegram account - the platforms he uses to show the technical analyses and forecasts of cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoins. The name came from Nintendo’s Kirby character as he used to have Kirby’s photo on his accounts, but it was later replaced probably to avoid copyright issues. Crypto Kirby has been around for years, but no one still knows the identity behind this pseudonym. Many believe that a group of traders is behind the Crypto Kirby accounts, but it remains a speculation. 

The secret identity comes as a bit shady, and many doubt the legitimacy of his trading forecasts. In fact, Crypto Kirby has been accused of scamming in the past years. Yet, if you check his YouTube channel, he already has amassed 149K subscribers to date and posted over 300 videos, each with thousands of views.

An Expert Trader…or Not

If you’re just starting out in crypto trading, watching his videos can be quite convincing. He projects an image of a knowledgeable and advanced trader with reliable forecasts of cryptocurrencies’ position. The forecasts are complete with charts, and Kirby explains the important points in the chart and provides his projections on the market standing of the crypto coins. He’s also utilizing his YouTube channel to promote the Crypto Kirby VIP Elite, which is on Telegram. However, there are a few notable things in his videos that would lead to doubt. 

First is anonymity. The true identity of the trader was never exposed, and subscribers have noticed that the admins and channels keep on changing, leading many to believe that there’s not just one person behind the account. Another thing is the video titles are obviously click-baits. Kirby uses strong words such as “Danger,” “Mayday,” or “Urgent” to catch the audience’s attention and curiosity and eventually lead them to click and watch the videos. If you’re still a newbie and it’s your first time watching Kirby’s videos, you might still be unsuspicious and might even watch the other videos he posted. If you’ve been around the crypto trading space for a while, however, his videos will spark some doubts as to whether his forecasts are legitimate or not.

Crypto Kirby VIP Elite

If you want to have more than what you can get from Crypto Kirby’s YouTube channel, you can subscribe to Crypto Kirby's VIP Elite account on Telegram. Aside from the technical analyses, he also provides tricks and risk management to help subscribers avoid bad trades or at least reduce the risk of making them. The analysis he provides on current market conditions is more detailed compared to the ones presented on his YouTube channel. The private group also has access to trading calls, and users can share their insights and ideas. 

Access to these exclusive offers of the elite group comes with a huge price, literally. A one-month subscription costs 0.15 Bitcoin. Three-month usage is worth 0.85 Bitcoin, while lifetime access costs 3.5 Bitcoins. That’s a hefty amount, considering that the price of one Bitcoin nowadays is approximately $29,000. 

Negative Reputation

Crypto Kirby did not only catch the attention of crypto trading newbies but also of professional traders. If newbies are easily lured into believing in Crypto Kirby’s expertise, crypto experts are difficult to convince. In fact, a few professionals have already reviewed Crypto Kirby’s videos and have proven his analyses to be wrong. Domsbits is one of those who have given a review on Crypto Kirby’s analyses. It seems that the charts that Crypto Kirby is using for his forecast do not match with what’s really going on in the crypto market. For example, he often predicts that the Bitcoin dump will get worse or the price of Bitcoin will drop but based on the chart that traders are using, the opposite is what’s happening. In fact, it is common knowledge, even to non-crypto traders, that the price of Bitcoin has been rising and has not suffered a significant price drop.

Crypto Kirby’s credibility has been questioned after numerous users, and professional traders have claimed that his projections, forecasts, and technical analyses of cryptocurrencies are fake and unreliable. Others also claim that the investment tips he provides are dubious, and some other members even claim that they have lost money instead of making them out of Crypto Kirby’s supposedly expert advice. All of these have caused Crypto Kirby his reputation and credibility.


Like all other investments, Cryptocurrency could be risky, and it would take trading knowledge and proficiency to keep the investment afloat, especially if you’re just starting with it. Novices would often require guidance from the experts to get their balls rolling. However, extra caution should be taken when dealing with the so-called expert traders because scammers are also everywhere. 

Crypto Kirby is one trader who was seen in a negative light after claims have been made of false information and fake forecasts from his YouTube channel. Despite all the claims, however, his YouTube channel and Telegram accounts are still active, and his number of subscribers has been increasing. He remains anonymous to this day, and people can only speculate whether the person or persons behind the accounts are indeed fake traders who only exploit money from the members. One should therefore do more research and be more cautious in their dealings, especially when money is involved.  

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