What ‘Line Goes Up’ Gets Wrong (and Right) About NFTs

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a popular topic in the art and cryptocurrency worlds, with many investors and traders using the phrase "Line Goes Up" to describe their rising value. This oversimplification, however, can lead to misconceptions about the true value and risks of NFTs. This article will look at what "Line Goes Up" gets wrong (and right) about NFTs, as well as their potential advantages and disadvantages.

What ‘Line Goes Up’ Gets Wrong (and Right) About NFTs

The phrase "Line Goes Up" is widely used in the cryptocurrency and NFT communities to describe the phenomenon of asset prices steadily rising. While this trend may entice investors and traders, it may also lead to a misunderstanding of the true value of NFTs. Examples of how "Line Goes Up" gets NFTs incorrect (or right) are provided below:

  1. Gets Wrong About NFTs

While it is true that the value of some NFTs has skyrocketed in recent years, this does not necessarily reflect their actual value or usefulness. Many NFTs are bought and sold for speculative reasons rather than for their intrinsic value or utility.

"Line Goes Up" assumes that all NFTs are created equal: an NFT's value is not determined solely by its price. The underlying asset, the artist or creator, and the NFT's rarity are all important factors that can influence its value.

The risks of investing in NFTs are disregarded in "Line Goes Up": Like any investment, buying and selling NFTs carries some risk. The market is volatile and unpredictable, and there is no guarantee that an NFT will retain or appreciate over time.

  1. Gets Right About NFTs

"Line Goes Up" recognizes the potential financial benefits of NFTs: While the value of NFTs is not solely determined by their price, some NFTs can be extremely valuable. As a result, some artists and creators have earned substantial sums of money from their NFT sales.

"Line Goes Up" acknowledges the growing popularity of NFTs: NFTs have grown in popularity in recent years, with an increasing number of people buying and selling them. As a result, a wider selection of NFTs has been created and made for purchase.

"Line Goes Up" highlights the NFT space's potential for innovation: NFTs have the potential to transform the way digital assets are purchased and sold. This might lead to the emergence of new artistic forms, new sources of income for artists, and fresh investment prospects for financiers.


Finally, "Line Goes Up" captures a portion of the truth about NFTs by recognizing their potential financial benefits, growing popularity, and innovation potential. However, it oversimplifies the value of NFTs by ignoring their underlying value, assuming that all NFTs are equal, and ignoring the risks associated with investing in them. As a result, while "Line Goes Up" is a catchy phrase, evaluating the value and potential of NFTs requires a more nuanced and critical approach.

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