What Is Cryptocurrency Airdrop and How Does It Work

Do you want to make a profit even from zero credit? If yes, then you can go through a crypto airdrop. Crypto airdrop is an activity to promote the newly arrived crypto in the market and its creators sell it free of cost for their marketing purposes. You can search for authentic airdrops through Twitter and Facebook or many other social media platforms. The most used platform is CoinMarketCap.

Prerequisites to Get Started with Crypto Airdrop

  • You must have installed a Binance account on your mobile, laptop, or desktop devices.
  • You must have some social media accounts like Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter. You can also use other ones but these are the most used platforms.
  • Wallet account (Optional).

Now let’s move to the actual discussion, how to find and participate in authentic airdrops?

How to Find Airdrops

There are many ways to find the Airdrops, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Active Ethereum Wallet
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • io
  • Airdrop Alert
  • CoinMarketCap

What Is CoinMarketCap

It is a platform through which you can identify the difference between the value of different currencies and be able to decide about an investment, it also provides information about the latest coins and tokens

How to Find Airdrops on CoinMarketCap

In this article, we will discuss how to find Airdrops on CoinMarketCap, here are some easiest steps to get started with CoinMarketCap:

Step 1: Open CoinMarketCap, to find the recent coins and tokens go to the “Cryptocurrencies” navbar item.

Step 2: Select the “Recently Added” option from the drop-down. Here you can see all the listed new currencies, you can explore them one by one but one thing you should keep in mind is always select crypto for investment that is using Ethereum, Solana, terra luna, and Cardano.

Step 3: Here I selected “Swapify” from the given currencies.

Note: You can also do chart analysis for the selected crypto and this way you would be able to make productive investment decisions.

Step 4: Scroll down the page and go to the market, here you get the trading platform for this crypto. Through Uniswap you can exchange/buy Swapify, click on column pairs to buy SWIFY.


Step 5: Here you can see all the historical data about SWIFY, through this data you can make the best investment plan and can predict future value. Click the given button “Trade on Uniswap” to buy the SWIFY.

Step 6: Select the desired token and hit the button Connect Wallet to connect your wallet.

Step 7: Hit the button Browser Wallet

Step 8: Enter Password and hit the button Unlock


Step 9: Hit the button Connect to connect the wallet.


Step 10: Wallet is successfully connected, now you can transfer funds easily while selling and buying the crypto.


Airdrop is the process used to promote new cryptocurrency through which you can earn free crypto, the best platform to explore the latest trends and newly coming coins or tokens in the market. You can identify each new crypto's current market value as well as its historical data, through which you can predict the future value of any specific crypto and can make investment plans.

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