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Vertcoin mining on PC 2022 – An easy to follow Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Mining is how numerous users create new virtual coins and validate new cryptocurrency transactions. It uses sizable, distributed computer networks that safeguard and validate blockchains. In exchange for cryptocurrency, miners provide the computing power necessary to solve challenging puzzles and complicated mathematical problems. These currencies can then be exchanged for traditional currencies like the USD on cryptocurrency markets.

What is Vertcoin mining?

Vertcoin (VTC) is a decentralized open-source digital currency launched in early 2014. It is among the simplest cryptocurrencies to mine. Anyone with a CPU or GPU can join a pool through Vertcoin's One-Click Miner service and begin receiving mining rewards.

Vertcoin issues new currencies through an ASIC-resistant proof-of-work system, rewarding miners for helping protect the network and verify transactions. Vertcoin adheres to the fundamental idea of cryptocurrencies: a decentralized financial system where users own the currency.

Cryptocurrency mining uses computer hardware to supply a blockchain network's computing needs, validate a coin’s blockchain transactions, and then earn a mining reward in exchange. A blockchain network can be protected from attacks using cryptocurrency mining, which also provides rewards for the miners contributing to its defense. 

Why mine Vertcoin?

The creators of Vertcoin took all necessary precautions to safeguard this coin against specialized mining equipment. Moreover, they have guaranteed that it will always be feasible to mine using standard consumer hardware. It gives its users the chance to compete fairly against one another. Some additional reasons why you should mine Vertcoin are:

  • No matter where you are, you can earn cryptocurrency as a reward for Vertcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies. 
  • Vertcoin Mining might be the most excellent option for you if you seek a beginner-friendly, secure, and ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency. 
  • Vertcoin remains true to its core idea and is accessible to anyone with a cryptocurrency interest. 
  • ASIC miner resistance was built into the VTC protocol. The coin can, therefore, only be mined using CPU and GPU processors.

Profitability or Economics of Vertcoin rig

The cryptocurrency market continues to provide users with numerous ways to make money. The market of Vertcoin is also quite profitable, but a Vertcoin rig's profitability will differ based on several variables. However, it is easy to estimate profitability for Vertcoin mining before diving into it. Online mining calculators, such as CryptoCompare and CryptoRival, can calculate how much Vertcoin will be generated over a specified period. 

Vertcoin Mining is still profitable due to the 1.4 GH/s hash rate. To determine the profitability of Vertcoin mining, a person can enter the following variables:

  • Hashrate
  • Power consumption 
  • Electricity cost (USD/kWh)
  • VTC/USD rate
  • Effort
  • Block rewards
  • Pool fees (if any)
  • Hardware cost (USD).

Using Minestat is one technique to estimate profitability prior to beginning. To calculate your profitability, you must enter information about your existing hardware into the calculator along with your pool definition, exchange rate, and electricity costs.

Vertcoin mining calculator

Requirements to set up for Vertcoin mining

Miners should be aware that the mining equipment they employ determines the amount of Vertcoin mining rewards they receive. A few requirements must be followed before mining may begin:

  • A desktop on which miner will run
  • Windows 10 or 11 to operate the miner
  • Fast and reliable internet connection
  • Graphics card with at least 2GB of RAM to process mathematical problems
  • Vertcoin wallet to store VTC after mining
  • A mining pool for your PC for Vertcoin mining

Step-by-step guide for mining Vertcoin on a PC

Vertcoin mining software can be accessible to all levels of miners, including beginners, because of its simple and easy use. The wallet is also included with the Vertcoin One-Click Miner, so its separate installation is not required. Follow these steps to mine VTC using One-Click Miner:

  1. Checking GPU: You will need a graphics card with at least 2GB of RAM. The best cards at present are 3 to 4GB cards
  2. Installing the miner software: Install One-Click Miner by downloading it. You can do this from the official website of Vertcoin.
  3. Disabling antivirus: In case you have an antivirus program installed, it may prevent you from downloading/installing the miner program. Disable your antivirus program and then use the downloaded file to install the One-Click miner.
  4. Installing Vertcoin wallet: Install the Vertcoin Core wallet. The wallet is included in Vertcoin One-Click Miner.
  5. Getting server credentials by joining a mining pool: To find a mining pool, start the application and choose "Find P2Pool Nodes." Now hit "Scan." Opt for a mining pool that is close to your place. Additionally, consider the pool's expenses before making your choice. Insert your VTC wallet address and click "Add Selected Pool(s)."
  6. Running the miner: Click the “start” button. The miner will display "Running" or "Waiting for Share." At the same time, the hash rate is also shown on the page at the bottom.

Alternate Mining Platforms

You can use this information about cloud mining if you don't want to mine in a group and want to keep the entire payout for yourself.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is an additional option for mining. Like buying cloud storage to satisfy your data storage needs, you can buy a cloud mining package or service from a cloud mining supplier. Doing this allows you to mine cryptocurrencies without paying the high startup fees and ongoing maintenance costs of specialist mining equipment.

The ASIC miners can also be rented remotely for cloud mining. However, this option isn't as standard as it once was. Although it allows the cloud miner more flexibility, doing so typically entails higher setup and maintenance expenses and a high level of technical expertise for those who want to operate the miners remotely. Selecting a trustworthy service is also one thing to be careful of while seeking cloud mine.


Vertcoin sounds like an excellent option for starting cryptocurrency mining, especially since it has a graphical user interface with its One-click Vertcoin Miner. The cryptocurrency market continues to provide users with numerous ways of making money. Mining a blockchain’s cryptocurrency is a means of assisting in the security of a blockchain network while financially encouraging the network’s miners to contribute to the safety of that network. Although the earnings from Vertcoin are not huge, having it as an additional source of income is a great idea.

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