How to Trade Crypto – Step-by-Step Guide

Trading is all about sharing of goods between two parties to gain services and earn a profit, and it would be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Same as in the world of crypto trading is all about hypothesizing the fluctuating value of cryptocurrency, after the hypothesis, we invest in one of the cryptocurrencies through which we can hunt profit.

Most investors are attracted to crypto trading as it gives huge profits in the end. They have two major goals: firstly, they invest in bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Dogecoin, XRP, and Cardano and earn profit in dollars in a very short duration. But in some cases, we have to face the risk of loss because in the start I said about the fluctuating value of crypto means sometimes it goes high and high and in the next moment it goes down.

How to Trade Crypto

Crypto trading works in 6 steps given below to have a broader view of each step one by one:

Step 1: Setup Brokerage Account

The very first step is to install software that helps you in crypto trading. The most commonly used brokerage in the market in eToro, Pphold, and WeBull, all these have simple and easy-to-use interfaces.

In the installation process, you need to provide some details (social security number, address, email, and date of birth) for account verification.

Step 2: Transfer Funds

Once the account is created the next step would be to place the order. Make sure you have enough funds to buy the crypto, by default there will be no cash on your exchanger so firstly, you have to transfer cash from the bank.

Step 3: Pick a Crypto You Want to Invest In

When you place an order, you can select the cryptocurrency type in which you want to trade, there are various types of crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. There is a very important point to keep in mind that each crypto uses a different consensus algorithm BTC uses POW and Ethereum uses POS for mining. Furthermore, if you are looking for a cryptocurrency that uses proof of work, you will select BTC mining.

Step 4: Choose a Strategy

If you are thinking that crypto trading is the shortest path to becoming wealthy then you are wrong, it is quite harder than you think.

Picking a suitable and well-designed strategy is very important to make a profit in cryptocurrency. Always choose the strategy that is best suited to your goals. Strong predictions about the fluctuating value of crypto increase the chances of profit-making in crypto.

Step 5: Automated Crypto Trading

After seeking a cryptocurrency strategy, you may try automated crypto trading by Coinrule, trading bots that intend to give you the best result to achieve your goals. It used an aggressive method to make the money quickly.

Step 6: Store Your Currency

If you are actively trading crypto then it’s fine to store it at a crypto exchanger but if you want to hold it for the long term, then you must have to purchase the wallet to enhance the security. Wallets have come in hot and cold variants. One of the best wallets is “trustWallet”, install it from the app store. Secondly, verify the recovery phrases, and it gives you a defense-in-depth strategy to achieve security.


How does Crypto Trading Work

Crypto trading works in 2 basic ways first is digital wallet crypto trading and the second one is contracts for difference - CFDs crypto trading.

Digital Wallet Crypto Trading

It is a common way of trading, you can perform it on your smartphone, to perform this you just need to install a crypto exchanger on your smartphone. Crypto exchanger is an app through which you can trade crypto. It is similar to the stock market, for instance, you buy the product and sell it at double the price which is more than the actual price to earn a profit. Same as we can buy crypto through a crypto exchanger and can sell it at double value.

Contract for Difference - CFDs Crypto Trading

It is another popular type of crypto trading; this particular trading is used by experienced investors. You don't own the underlying asset if you trade cryptocurrencies as CFDs. Instead, an agreement is made between the purchaser and the vendor to alternate the difference in price between the outlet and the final of the contract.


Crypto trading is not an easy task due to its highly volatile nature, as well as it is not suitable for all investors. You should be very clear about whether you want to invest or just want to hold digital assets, here my sincere suggestion is don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Only a strong prediction can lead crypto trading profitable. If you are weak to predict the fluctuation value of crypto then you cannot run on this ground.

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