Top 5 Crypto Trading Platforms of 2022

Top 5 Crypto Trading Platforms of 2022; the Most Suitable Platforms for your Crypto Trading Needs

The growth of the Blockchain and advancements in its applications has enabled us to unlock the valuable potential of cryptocurrencies. As such, cryptocurrencies are now as much an asset class as they are a novel decentralized medium of exchange.

For instance, the total crypto market cap globally is currently over $880 billion with market volumes of over $70 billion. This means that crypto trading is very lucrative and using the right platforms, crypto traders can earn a lot of revenue.

Qualities of a great crypto trading platform

You may wonder then; What makes a good crypto trading platform? Well, the best crypto trading platform should be efficient so that traders can trade fast without unnecessary delays.

It's services should be available at all times (reliable) and the platform should have robust security architecture to safeguard against theft and cyber attacks.

The best crypto trading platform should also have awesome user experience by maximizing convenience and ease of use by crypto traders. The following are the top 5 crypto trading platforms in our assessment;

The best crypto trading platforms

1. Coinbase

The Coinbase crypto trading platform currently has a trading volume of $2 billion and an overall market cap of $11.79 billion. Most Coinbase fans love the crypto trading platform because it allows users to acquire crypto using fiat currencies making it very convenient for newbie traders.

Additionally, Coinbase offers high-level security to prevent cases of stolen crypto funds. The platform also has great user experience, offers crypto traders over 150 different cryptocurrencies, has affordable fees, and offers users rewards.

2. offers traders the choice to trade over 169 cryptocurrencies and enjoy CRO-powered rewards. Started in November 2019, features among the top 5 crypto trading platforms due to its ease of use.

As such, amateurs In crypto trading find it easy to navigate and execute trades using the app without extreme difficulty. Additionally, users like as the platform has great customer service which makes it easy to handle any challenges that come up.

3. Binance

With 90 million registered users and trading volumes of over $75 billion, Binance is undoubtedly one of the top 5 crypto trading platforms globally. Binance is popular among its users due to its very user-friendly layouts and processes and the fact that fiat currencies can be used to trade.

However, one quality that makes Binance immensely popular is the fact that it has very low fees compared to other crypto trading platforms. Hence, many novices as well as seasoned traders find it very economical to trade on Binance at minimal cost.

4. eToro

eToro's innovative approach towards crypto trading is what earns it a spot in the top 5 crypto trading platforms. eToro integrates aspects of social media on its platform and makes it easy for traders to interact with each other and share trading insights.

Additionally, eToro charges zero commission fees and offers multi-asset investing. eToro's UI is also very user-friendly and allows both new and seasoned investors to execute trades easily with minimal difficulty.

5. Gemini

The Gemini crypto trading platform was launched in 2015 and allows users to trade over 50 cryptocurrencies. Gemini offers crypto traders optimal convenience as it is very simple to use for crypto trading.

This makes Gemini suitable for newbie traders who are still not very conversant with crypto trading. Also, Gemini has robust security features, provides traders with online wallets they can use to hold crypto, and has insurance for the hot wallets it provides users with.


Therefore, are you a new or seasoned crypto trader looking for the best crypto trading platform to trade? Then this list offers you an insightful look into the benefits which the top 5 crypto trading platforms offers users and which one suits you best.

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