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The rapidly growing crypto landscape has reaffirmed the growing popularity of podcasts as the most convenient way to get the latest news, trend, developments, or information on topical issues. The popularity of podcasts is based on the fact that most of them are free and downloadable. In other words, you can download and listen to them from anywhere without the need for internet connectivity. However, there are dozens of podcasts on crypto and blockchain topics, and choosing the right one or the best for you can be a daunting task. To help you navigate this challenge, we have analyzed the podcasts on the online space and found some that would give you the most informative and entertaining insights about crypto and blockchain technology. As such, these five widely acclaimed podcasts must be part of your playlist to give you an in-depth understanding of the crypto and blockchain developments and catch the latest crypto news to inform your investment decisions.  

1. Crypto 101

On top of this list is Crypto 101, which is a podcast that brings news and analyses for a crypto community whose mission is to take control of their investment. Hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone, Crypto 101 describes itself as the average consumer’s guide to cryptocurrency. The duo tackles complex topics weekly in a simple manner to ensure beginners in the crypto space are well equipped with the necessary knowledge on crypto trading. 

2. Bitcoin Audible

Bitcoin Audible is a podcast hosted by Guy Swann that tackles a wide range of topics on crypto and blockchain. Some of the most recent topics Guy Swann discusses are the development of bitcoin as a legal tender, bitcoin mining and energy consumption, crypto, and environmental issues, inflation-deflation debate, anonymity, and fungibility among others. The podcast explores deeper knowledge about bitcoin and crypto in general, based on the investors' and economic experts’ perspectives.

3. CoinDesk Podcast Network 

This podcast delivers the latest crypto and blockchain news or stories emerging from the crypto space. CoinDesk Podcast Network highlights stories from some of the most popular sources, hence it should be your primary go-to podcast for the latest news, trends, or events on everything crypto and blockchain technology.  

4. The Bad Crypto Podcast 

Hosted by the duo Joel Comm and Travis Wright, The Bad Crypto Podcast is the to-go-to site if you want to demystify the world of crypto and blockchain. Describing themselves as crypto enthusiasts, the two discuss topics related to bitcoin, Litecoin, altcoin, token generation, ICOs, etc., mostly targeting those new to the crypto space or new crypto investors. The hosts add lots of humor to the talks, making it one of the most popular podcasts for those looking to have fun while getting educated about crypto and blockchain. 

5. The Pomp Podcast 

Lauded for its in-depth focus, The Pomp Podcast brings the pomp to the talks on crypto and blockchain topics. Hosted by Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, The Pomp Podcast is where discussions on topics related to cryptocurrency, economy, finance, business, etc. take place. The host invites prominent personalities in finance, crypto investment, and business in general, to unpack their expertise and skills in their areas. The Pomp Podcast has hosted billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, veteran investor, and author Robert Kiyosaki, and venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, among other prominent names in the crypto and financial investment space. 


The rapidly evolving crypto landscape has brought with it many opportunities for crypto enthusiasts, especially investors, to stay abreast with top news and trends in the industry that can inform their investment decisions. If you hope to hack crypto and blockchain investment, subscribe to these podcasts and listen to some of the best minds in the crypto investment space. 

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