Top 10 Trusted Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites: Reviewed in 2022

Bitcoin cloud mining is a popular method of creating a steady flow of passive income. You can invest your money once, and slowly with time; your investments will grow. But there are a ton of sketchy platforms with a long history of deceiving users. So, if you are looking for the best and most trusted bitcoin cloud mining sites, here is a detailed list for you. 


What is cloud mining?

Before we give you our top picks for the best bitcoin cloud mining websites, let's first discuss what the hype on cloud mining really is about.

Cloud mining is a process of outsourcing computational work to a third-party company that gives you access to using their highly powerful mining rigs. To earn rewards, you can then use these computers to solve complex mathematical puzzles as a cryptographic proof, also known as "Proof-of-Work" (PoW) protocols.  

Cloud mining has several advantages over conventional mining; some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. Cloud mining is simple to get started: Because you do not have to buy expensive equipment upfront, cloud mining is cheaper and significantly easier to set up. 
  2. Powerful hardware: Cloud mining uses top-of-the-line hardware optimized for mining. This gives you a comparative advantage over other miners who are using unoptimized hardware. 
  3. Widely available: You can pay for cloud mining services and use them from anywhere in the world, even in places where setting up a mining rig is difficult. 

Note: Cloud mining only works with a proof-of-work (PoW) system and is not yet compatible with proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols. 


Best bitcoin cloud mining sites 2022

StormGain (Best for beginners)

StormGain is a reliable bitcoin cloud mining site which allows you to earn passively by investing in crypto mining. It has an intuitive dashboard from which you can monitor your investments. StormGain is also available on Android and iPhone, allowing you to access bitcoin mining from anywhere in the world. 

StormGain was launched in 2019 and has been a reliable platform for bitcoin cloud mining. You also do not have to pay any maintenance fees with the minimum payout limit of just $50. 

However, StormGain does not offer some advanced features like a built-in bot to automate the trading process, so if you are a beginner and just starting, StormGain will be a solid option. 


IQ Mining (Based in Europe) 

Launched in 2016, IQ mining is another Bitcoin Cloud Mining site that you can check out. IQ mining is based in Europe and follows strict regulations making it a trustworthy option. The company lets you access their remote equipment to start mining, and within a short time, the company has seen incredible growth, with over 50,000 active users using the platform. 

Like StormGain, it too does not have any maintenance fees, but the minimum withdrawal is even lower at just $10. However, many users have raised their voices about the slow performance of the platform and the initial account setup process, which can be a bit confusing, especially for starters. 

But overall, IQ Mining is a great option if you are serious about cloud mining. They offer various packages at different price points for you to check out. 


ECOS (Most reliable) 

If you have done any prior research on Bitcoin Cloud Mining, you may have heard of ECOS. Not only ECOS is the most reliable platform currently available, but it also offers a host of other features like the NFT Index, Defi protocol index and more. ECOS is also the first cloud mining platform that operates under legal status. 

ECOS also offers a mobile application with a beautiful interface which is both easy to use and offers all the advanced features you would want from a cloud mining site. The minimum initial deposit needed to start mining is set at $150, with daily withdrawal locked at just 0.001 BTC. Over 100,000 active users are making ECOS the most reliable platform on our list. 

ECOS currently only offers Bitcoin for mining which will upset some die-hard Ethereum fans, but given the massive size of the platform, we hope to get the feature available soon. 


Scryptcube (start with $1)

If you are interested to learn about cloud mining but not entirely sure about upfront investment, Scryptcube can be a great fit for you. You can start investing in Scryptcube for just $1, and if you like, the platform can then decide to invest more. 

ScryptCube uses the f2pool mining pool to mine Bitcoin on behalf of its users and, since 2016, has been regularly paying its users. It also has no maintenance fees, and you can deposit money using any Visa or Mastercard.

However, there are some controversies about how Scryptcube share its profit with the users. In addition, their mining calculator leaves a lot to be desired and needs improvement. 

But overall, if you are just starting out and do not want to invest much, you may try Scryptcube. 


Awesome Miner ( Best for advanced users) 

With Awesome in its name, Awesome miner is obviously a great bitcoin mining platform, offering a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring all your ASIC and FPGA devices. Awesome miner is built with experienced miners in mind and focuses on performance and improving uptime. Awesome miner also provides you with options to choose your GPU's properties like clock speed and fan speed to help improve the hashing power. 

Awesome miner is not free to use, and users have to pay a subscription fee of $4 a month ( for two accounts). To get started, you also have to invest $50, which can be a bit expensive for some users. 

Overall it is safe to say that Awesome miner is indeed an awesome bitcoin cloud mining platform for you to check out. 


BeMine ( For users who need consultancy)

If you need a platform not just for cloud bitcoin mining but also crypto trading, Bemine can be a great option for you. It offers professional consultancy as part of its service, so even if you have no basic idea of crypto or bitcoin mining, Bemine can be a great option to start with. 

There is no subscription or maintenance fee, but to get started, users must pay a one-time fee of $61. Bemine is perfect for people who want to invest in crypto trading as well as cloud mining, so if you are one of them check it out. 


Hashing24 ( Premium quality Cloud Mining service) 

Hashing24 is a premium cloud mining service that offers impeccable customer support paired with an array of features. It has several data centers around the world and gives users an automatic enchantment of any coins generated. 

Hashing24 also has a clean user interface which is relatively simple to get started, even for people without any prior knowledge of cloud mining. It also promises 100% uptime, meaning you do not have to worry about power cuts or other unavoidable situations that may result in minings to stop. 

We highly recommend Hashing24 to all users who are looking for a premium cloud mining service at an affordable price. 


Freemining ( If you want a guaranteed income)

Freemining is slightly different from other platforms in our list as it offers fixed profit rather than sharing resources. You have different mining packages at different set prices, offering fixed incentives. If you opt for a package, you are guaranteed to get the amount irrespective of bitcoin's current price. 

The basic package starts at 0.002 BTC, with the professional package costing you around 0.35 BTC. Many lucky games and bonuses are also in place to maximize your rewards. 

To start, you have to invest 0.002 BTC and payouts are offered daily. If you are someone who does not like the idea of the market fluctuating and want to know exactly how much profit you will make at the end of the month, trying Freemining can be a great option. 


BitDeer (Purchase a hosted rig)

BitDeer is yet another highly trusted bitcoin cloud mining site with two distinct features that set it apart from the rest of the platforms in our list. The first of these features is the ability to rent out a dedicated computer which the BitDeer team will maintain, but all other decisions like which cooling solution to use or ideal clock speed. Many experienced miners take advantage of this feature to maximize their profits.

The other cool feature is the ability to lend your unused resource to BitDeer and earn money from it. This is useful for people with a mining rig but no longer interested in mining the crypto. 

Overall, BitDeer is a highly trusted platform and is worth checking out. 


GMINERS (Environment-friendly option)

If you want a cloud mining site but are also concerned about the environment and the huge energy used by these mining platforms, GMINERS may have the perfect solution for you. It combines optimized hardware with renewable energy to create a highly efficient system that has the least impact on the environment. 

GMINERS also offer great profitability with several options offering several reward points. It also offers a minimum deposit of $100 to get started with daily payout options. GMINERS also promises 99% uptime and 24% customer support that translates well in real-life use. 

Because of high energy demands and fuel and electricity prices going up all the time, GMINERS green energy option looks tempting, and we expect it to gain massive interest for cloud miners. 


Final words

Most of the complex computations tasks these days are done on the web. The rise of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are all made possible for the advancement of cloud computing, and we expect the same level of success for cloud mining as well. 

You cannot go wrong with any of the choices detailed in this article; they are all trustable and have a good reputation in the industry. But because we are not directly connected with any of the platforms, it is always advised to do your own research before investing any money. 

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