A Step-by-Step Guide to Buy SafeMoon

SafeMoon LLC is a cryptocurrency and blockchain employer created in March 2021. The organization also has a SafeMoon token (SFM) which trades at the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It was designed to praise long-term holders and charge seller’s ten percent, with part of that charge going again to existing holders.

How does it Work

SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is powered with the aid of the distributed ledger technology called the blockchain. It turned into created at the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and has a marketplace cap of best about:

$88.4 million => July 7, 2022

It encourages lengthy-time investment and discourages promotion or selling, and deducts a 10% fee from sellers, half of which will be transferred to holders and the remaining will be invested in the liquidity pool, with a view to better preserve fee stability.

How to Buy SafeMoon Crypto

To purchase SafeMoon Crypto you must have enough credit in your wallet, the first thing you have to make sure of is whether your credit is secure or not. Always keep your funds in a trusted wallet rather than keeping them on an exchange just because you cannot achieve high security in that way, always try to walk securely and be secure. To achieve this practice firstly, you just have to install the application “Trust Wallet” click here to download it from the app store secondly verifies the recovery phrases, and thirdly, always use the predefined wallet “multi-coin-wallet” in this particular app to store long-term coins. It was just an overview and some good practices to start the game…

Now, come to the ground, and let's play SafeMoon crypto. As I already described, to perform well in SafeMoon or to buy SafeMoon you must have funds in your wallet, so, you can buy SafeMoon Crypto.

For the initial level investors, I will suggest, starting with the minimum cost to experience the things as well as calculate the risks. Here I am gonna guide you step by step to buy SafeMoon Crypto:

  1. Open the Trust Wallet application and click on the “Dapp” icon at the bottom of the screen, then in the next view there will be a “search bar” displayed. Enter your desired app in the search bar like “panCakeSwap”. PancakeSwap is an exchange, It supports buying and selling in BEP-20 tokens and its swapping fee is very low.
  2. Once you click the “PancakeSwap”, the next view will appear here you can see the button “connect” at the top right of the screen, just click on it. In the next view, all the wallets will appear. You have to connect one of them like “Trust Wallet”.
  3. Click the “Trust Wallet” button, Afterward, it will connect to the “PancakeSwap”. After building a connection it’s time to exchange the balance from the wallet for pancakes wrap. Before performing, you must select a currency like BTC, ETH, or SafeMoon. You will have to select SafeMoon after the selection and enter the desired amount you want to purchase. Such as:
    FROM Wallet
    {Enter amount from wallet} // For Instance 20$
    To SafeMoon {Enter amount of SafeMoon Crypto you want to purchase} // For instance 102038000
  4. Confirm the swap/exchange.
  5. Sometime after confirmation, it gives an error, in that case, clicking on the “Dismiss” button that appears in the error message box. Afterward, it will forward you one step back. In the current view, you have to click the three-bar icon on the right side of the exchange.
  6. Enter the slippage tolerance from min 1 max 12, and then click “swap”, and “Confirm Swap”.
  7. Approved and the transaction will be done.


SafeMoon encourages long-term investment and discourages selling, but like other cryptos, it comes with various risks therefore if you want to invest in this particular crypto you have to be prepared for the risks because each investment comes with risk.

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