What Is a Seed Phrase and How to Use It

Are you looking to recover your crypto wallet? Or have you lost your devices and you have no more access to the crypto wallet installed on them? If yes then this guide would be quite helpful for you.

Today's topic is “Seed Phrase”, you folks often listen to seed phrases. Well, it is the recovery mechanism moreover it keeps your account secure from third-party access. Let’s have a broader view of it.

What Is a Seed Phrase

A seed phrase is a string of words (12 or 24) produced by the cryptocurrency wallet that enables you to restore access to your account. Furthermore, it helps you to keep your accounts secure from third-party access. It is the mechanism through which you can fully own your wallet without involving centralized services.

Most of the time it happens you forgot your password or in some cases, your devices could be lost on which your crypto may be installed. So in the given scenarios, you can take help from seed phrases to recover your wallets back.

It looks like this in the given screenshot:

Note: Write down these word sequences anywhere a secure place for further future use.

Hit the button Confirm to confirm the Recovery Phrase:

Note: Here you will enter all the words in the right given sequence.

Seed Phrase 2


  • You can entirely control your wallet, without a centralized authority.
  • If you lose your account or forget your password, you can get it back.
  • It ensures security.
  • It keeps your account secure from third-party access.
  • Hard to break.


  • In case you lost the seed phrase or someone may steal it which means they can get your crypto easily.
  • Difficult to remember the sequence.


The seed Phrase is a mechanism that helps you to recover your crypto wallet in case you forgot your password or maybe lost your wallet. It is the combination of words having a size of 12 or 24 words. Furthermore, it is generated by the crypto wallet and it may help you to fully own your wallet without the involvement of third-party services.

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