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Promoting the growth of the metaverse and NFTs

Data shows that most retail participants are familiar with non-fungible tokens.

Not only that, but they are growing in popularity, and Reuters reported that in the third quarter of 2021, NFT sales increased to just under $11 billion.

New age technology caught the attention of youth and government and started a ripple effect in industries such as art, fashion and design. Non-fungible tokens and the metaverse have also become popular among the common masses because of their global access, decentralized nature, and usability that likely define our digital future.

These NFTs traded today have the potential to become our identity in this new age virtual world we call the metaverse. Because of this, they have become one of the easiest ways to invest in the metaverse. This is also the reason why we see a plethora of markets coming to life.

A next location – YUNOMETA – delves into the digital world to ensure greater adoption of NFTs and the metaverse. But how exactly is YUNOMETA changing the NFT landscape?

How does YUNOMETA help navigate digital environments?

YUNOMETA is a global platform that allows celebrities, influencers and artists to auction their NFTs to a niche audience. The platform promises to reinvent the relationship between artists and their audiences.

It also assists in marketing the digital identity of NFTs that are collectibles, offering a unique range of digital art. YUNOMETA also offers collectors the right mix of technology and artists. In addition, it simplifies the investment process, allowing users a quick and easy way to research and trade their digital art.

Here's what YUNOMETA currently offers that gives you the title of an upcoming NFT market:

Speed ​​and reliability Asset copyright with proprietary technology Interoperability across multiple blockchains Manage all aspects of a digital wallet – buy, sell, hold, trade Wide range of NFT portfolios to choose from (for collectors) Shopping in the metaverse for an immersive experience

The process

In today's NFT market, most NFT artists end up selling their art with high transactional gas prices. YUNOMETA, however, offers an infrastructure that supports low transaction fees.

Artists can follow these easy steps to mint collectibles:

Set up a hot wallet Connect it to the YUNOMETA platform Create the NFT Collectible Series List the NFTs on the market

The Future of YUNOMETA

In addition to all its features, YUNOMETA has a team of experts from all domains such as blockchain, digital marketing and art, giving it an extremely solid foundation and a chance to bring in a major player in the NFT industry.

From multiplayer games to board meetings, the metaverse has entered our everyday lives.

Projects like YUNOMETA try to promote the adoption of the metaverse and related technologies such as AR, VR, AI and cryptography.

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