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Privok Green Energy Network is available to encourage saving the planet

We are more than aware of the harmful effects that human activity has had on the environment. In the space of a few hundred years, starting with the industrial revolution, we accelerated the destruction of the planet to incredible levels. Lately, we've only increased our consumption and therefore put even more pressure on the planet's resources.

Our time is short, and with the current speed of environmental degradation, our time is getting shorter and shorter. If we don't take the necessary measures to reverse our effects on the planet, humanity will not survive the millennium, some say even the century.

Cryptocurrencies have a bad name when it comes to environmental issues. The Proof of Work (PoW) consensus method, primarily used by Bitcoin, is an extremely energy-hungry system. Although many projects are moving to the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus method, which has a much smaller impact on the environment as it uses less than 1% of the energy required for PoW, it is still far from saving the planet.

This is where the Privok Green Energy Network comes in.

What is the Privok Green Energy Network?

Privok is a windmill-based sustainable green energy company. They currently have a power generation capacity of 3MW and expect to increase to 46.4MW in the future.

Source: Privok

Privok has taken a significant step towards increasing wind energy production and supplying it to EV (electric vehicle) charging stations. Privok has launched its PVK token on the cryptocurrency market to expand its green energy project. Privok concluded that unless it contributes to the mission of saving the planet, it will be unable to persuade others to take appropriate steps to preserve our planet's natural environmental life cycle. As a result, Privok decided to distribute a portion of its PVK tokens to various global wild fund distributors.

Privok is launching a green energy ICO to fund the expansion of its windmills and the installation of more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Privok's Mission

The Privok ICO will be used to finance a 46.4 MW power production infrastructure. The renewable energy produced will then be sold to energy buyers or other energy producers. The proceeds from the sale of this energy will be used to finance its next EV charging station development project.

As we all know, the electric vehicle sector is growing rapidly across the world, with India being one of the most important markets. As a result, Privok plans to build additional electric vehicle charging stations in India in the future. Privok Charging Station will be the name of your electric vehicle charging station. All Privok green energy electricity will be used directly by electric car owners at Privok EV charging stations. Privok can provide power at a lower cost than other EV charging stations due to this process.

With the PVK Token, all investors in the world can participate in the expansion of Privok's electric vehicle charging station project and become a partner of a fast-growing electric vehicle charging station company. All profits from EV charging stations will be credited to the Privok wallet in PVK tokens. Its long-term goal is to build over 500 Privok EV charging stations in India. At each Privok charging station, they will offer up to 1,000 investor partnerships. (Privak ICO investors will have priority.) The Indian electric car market is dominated by big companies like Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai and others. Also, in India, many electric two-wheeled vehicle companies are already doing very well.

Privok has already distributed PVK tokens with a lot of global green energy and saves Earth organizations and influencers. These include 100 million PVK tokens for Vitalik Buterin100 million for Crypto Covid Relief from India100 million for CZ, CEO of Binanceamong many others.

Tokenomics PVK

Privok will issue PVK Tokens worth 21 billion. After the ICO, they will burn a predetermined amount of PVK Tokens every month for the next 14 months. (In 14 months, a total of 10 billion will be burned.)

Source: Privok Green Energy Project

The Privok Liquidity round has ended and the ICO pre-sale has been ongoing since January 18, 2022. Users can purchase PVK Tokens using USDT (TRC20, BEP20, ERC20) during the Privok pre-sale phase ICO.

PVK token buyback

Privok will buy back PVK tokens from an exchange or wallet each quarter once it makes a profit. They will buy back PVK tokens at a base price of $1, regardless of whether the exchange rate is less than $1 in the future.


To assume, Privok Green Energy Network has taken on the responsibility of encouraging the salvation of the planet. Participants not only contribute to making the world greener, they are rewarded for doing so. It is a great opportunity for environmental enthusiasts to play a role in preserving the environment and also participate in a blockchain project.

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