How to Sell Bitcoin – 3 Methods to Cash Out Bitcoins

In the digital world, cryptocurrency, especially the demand for cryptocurrency is dramatically increasing. Bitcoin is a digital currency or virtual currency that eliminates the need for middlemen In the last few years, the price of Bitcoin has been rising or falling because it is one of the most valuable digital assets. But the point here is if a person owns Bitcoin, how does he/she sell them? Let’s see what protocols should be followed to sell Bitcoin.

How To Sell Bitcoin?

To sell Bitcoin, there are simple and quick methods by which a person can sell their digital currency. Bitcoins can be sold using:

  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Online P2P Trading
  • Bitcoin ATM

1: Crypto Exchanges

Exchanges are one of the simplest ways to sell Bitcoin, including instantaneous and up-to-date information regarding trading. This is a method that simply includes the exchange account which allows the user to sell or buy Bitcoin.

2: Online P2P Trading

Another platform for selling Bitcoin is Online P2P Trading or peer-to-peer exchange. It allows the user to set the selling price of their assets as well as to search for a buyer who willingly pays for it. Moreover, this method allows the customer to go for wire transfers, trade via cash, and send online gifts.

3: Bitcoin ATM

The Bitcoin ATM is not like a typical ATM, instead, it is specifically used to buy as well as sell Bitcoins. The ATM provides a user with QR codes that are linked to the address of the Bitcoin wallet. Simply, a user needs to verify their identity and complete the sales transactions. After that, the user is allowed to physically withdraw cash from the ATM.


Bitcoin is one of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies in the digital world. There are various platforms to sell Bitcoins. The users can choose a crypto exchange, online P2P trading, and Bitcoin ATM platforms for selling Bitcoins.

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