How To Get Started On Kucoin – The Crypto Exchange

We need a platform to sell, buy and trade cryptocurrencies, there are multiple exchanges currently available in the market providing the liquidity pool where investors can search and trade currencies, some of the most commonly used exchanges are Kucoin, Kraken, SushiSwap, PanCakeSwap, Binance, and many others.

Today, we will discuss the widely used exchange Kucoin so let’s get started with Kucoin!

What Is Kucoin?

Kucoin is an exchange that facilitates users to sell, buy and trade cryptocurrency, furthermore, it provides margin, future, and peer-to-peer trading. It has more than 6 million global users and it is also available as a mobile application. Investors can stake and lend crypto to earn rewards.

How To Get Started On Kucoin - The Crypto Exchange

To sell and buy crypto on Kucoin, first, you should have an activated account on Kucoin; afterward, you can trade on this platform. Here is the step-by-step easiest guide to getting started with Kucoin:

Step 1: Account Activation

Go to the Kucoin official website and click on Sign up now:

Select the Email option, enter your Email address and Password, and then hit the Sign Up button.

Note: Here you can also avail Phone Number option.

In case of receiving a verification code on mobile select the country code and enter the Phone Number and then the Password. Finally hit the Sign Up  button:

 Check your connected email or mobile to get the verification code, enter the Verification Code and then hit the Activate Account button:

Kucoin account has been activated successfully now onward you can start trading:

Step 2: Wallet Installation

On the Kucoin dashboard here it gives you an option Wallet on the given navbar by clicking on it you can download its built-in wallet on mobile devices (Android, iOS) and as an extension in the browser.

You can also download the wallet by clicking on this given link.

Step 3: Market Analysis

Click on Trade to watch the market and to trade in cryptocurrency:


You can analyze the fluctuating value of any crypto when trading, Kucoin gives you a complete graph of the past fluctuating value of any specific crypto. So in that way, you would be able to decide whether you should trade in any selected crypto or not.


Kucoin is an exchange platform where investors can sell, buy, and trade (margin and peer-to-peer) cryptocurrency. It has its own built-in wallet available as an android, ios and as an extension, used to securely store crypto into it. Furthermore, it is available for global use and it has more than 6 million clients.

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