How to Create and Setup Yoroi Wallet – Step-by-Step Guide

Yoroi is a crypto wallet used to store Cardano (ADA), it allows users to manage ADA using smartphones. It is lightweight and requires a very small bandwidth for installation. Furthermore, with the help of Yoroi, you can manage (send/receive) ADA within seconds. In this article, we will discuss how to get started with Yoroi Wallet.

How to Setup Yoroi Wallet

The Yoroi Wallet is a type of hot wallet you can install on your smartphones as well as use it on browsers. Here is the quick and easy step-by-step guide to setup the Yoroi Wallet:

Step 1: Yoroi Wallet Installation

Go to the Chrome Web Store and hit the button Add to Chrome to add the extension:

Hit the Add extension button:

After successful installation go to the extension icon and open the Yoroi extension and hit the button CONTINUE:

Read all the terms & conditions carefully, check the given check box, and hit the CONTINUE button:

Hit the button ALLOW to allow Cardano payment URLs:

Step 2: Wallet Creation

After successful installation, you will be navigated to the dashboard. Here it gives you multiple options like you can create a new wallet, restore the wallet and you can connect the hardware wallet too. To create the new wallet hit the Create Wallet:

To connect the hardware wallet also called a cold wallet, hit the button Connect to a hardware wallet.

To restore the wallet hit the button Restore wallet, to restore the wallet you must have recovery phrases otherwise you cannot restore the wallet:

Pick a currency platform:

Hit on Create wallet here you can select Paper Wallet too:

Enter your Wallet name, Spending password, and Repeat spending password and hit the button CREATE PERSONAL WALLET:

Read the given instructions about the Recovery Phrase and hit the button CONTINUE:

Not down the given word sequence:

Note: Keep secret your recovery phrase as it is very important to remember once you forget these phrases you can never be able to recover your account in case of forgot password.

Read the given notes, check the checkboxes, and hit the button CONFIRM:

Here onward you can send or receive ADA:


Yoroi is a lightweight hot wallet, it is available for mobile (iOS, Android) devices as well as you can use it in the browser as an extension. Furthermore, it is used to manage (send or receive) Cardano (ADA). It is very easy to install and requires very low storage space.

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