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How to buy Crypto Coins – The only way you will ever use

Steps Generator: how to buy Coins

Let's just jump straight to the point. You don't have to follow all those complicated guides anymore. Even at times I was feeling bored producing these guides and wanted to develop a simple method. Give it a try. This is the shortest article we ever wrote!

Most coins are on ETH OR BNB networks, we have generic guides for both networks, and using CoinGecko API we can tell what is the network for a given symbol and simply suggest a guide to use.

This comes handy when you are dealing with Coins with same symbol, like in this case test this tool for coun EGC, and you will see there are three different coins with the same symbol. You can tell with the address and choose the right coin.

Coin Information (Powered by CoinGecko)


Work smart, not hard 😉 Now I can focus on other types of articles and not how-to-buy guides!

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I am CBC, I am a Crypto expert and a part-time blogger. I usually write about how and where to buy crypto coins in legit ways.

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