How ENS Works and What It’s Used For

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a domain naming protocol specifically for Ethereum-based blockchain. It allows users to create a human-friendly name for their crypto wallets, decentralized apps (DApp), and websites.

Let’s go through this with an example, all you have an idea about is Domain Name Server (DNS), which works to give a domain name to each IP address for the ease of human beings. As for humans, it is quite tough to remember digits so that's why DNS came. DNS gives the specific domain name to each IP address hence all the folks can remember these domain names easily. The same goes with ENS but it is specifically for the Ethereum base blockchain.

Let's get back to the topic, what ENS is used for?

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Usage

When we install a crypto wallet or decentralized application it gives us a unique address through which we can perform transactions. This address looks like this:


It is tough to remember so for the ease of users ENS enables users to create human-friendly names for their crypto wallets and DApps. Moreover, ENS is a platform where you can translate machine-readable addresses to human-readable addresses.

How Does ENS Work

ENS is built on two Ethereum smart contracts, it works by using these two contracts. The first contract is the ENS Registry contract and the second is Resolver.

1. The ENS Registry Smart Contract

It works to record all the registered domains, moreover, it holds three critical pieces of information about the domain like domain owner, domain resolver, and the duration of domain-wide record caching.

2. The Resolver Smart Contract

It translates the human-readable address to a machine-readable address and vice versa. Moreover, it is used to map each domain name to its corresponding address.

In the current report of ENS users, there are 2.76M total registered domains, 511 integrations, and 594k owners.

You can use the ENS name to store all your addresses given below in the screenshot.

Use traditional domains like .com, .org, .io, .app, .xyz, .art

If you want to register on ENS visit the website here.


Domain naming protocol designed exclusively for blockchains built on Ethereum is called Ethereum Name Service (ENS). It enables users to give their websites, decentralized apps (DApps), and cryptocurrency wallets a human-friendly name. It works on two smart contracts of Ethereum, the first is ENS Registry and the second is Resolver.

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