How Do I Buy Crypto with Kucoin Crypto Exchange

We need a platform to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Several exchanges are now on the market, offering a liquidity pool where investors may search for and trade different currencies. Exchanges like Kucoin, Kraken, SushiSwap, PanCakeSwap, Binance, and many others are some of the most frequently utilized ones.

Let's start with Kucoin because it is the exchange that will be covered in this article today.

What Is Kucoin

A cryptocurrency exchange called Kucoin enables users to buy, sell, and trade digital currency and it offers peer-to-peer trading, futures, and margin. It is a smartphone application also available as a web application and it has more than 6 million users worldwide.

How Do I Buy with Kucoin

Here is the quick and easiest step-by-step guide to selling and buying crypto on the Kucoin platform:

  • You must first successfully activate your Kucoin account before you can sell and purchase cryptocurrency on this platform. The simplest step-by-step guide to using Kucoin.
  • You must have installed the Kucoin wallet to share and store funds while selling and buying cryptocurrencies. Here is a step by step guide to setup the Kucoin wallet.
  • After successful login, go to the Buy Crypto by availing of three options Fast Trade, P2P, and Third Party, select one of them from the drop-down menu.

Fast Trade: Buy crypto via MasterCard, fiat balance, and visa card

P2P: Buy crypto via Bank transfer

Third Party: Buy crypto via Banxa, Simplex, BTC Direct

Buying Through Fast Trade

Select Fast Trade, Enter the limit in the first field and select the traditional currency using the down arrows like PKR, USD, or other and then enter the amount you want to receive in the second field here you can also select the currency that you want to buy like BTC, ETH, or other by clicking on the down arrow, and finally connect the card through which you want to transfer funds. After successful connectivity hit the button Buy USDT.

Buying Through P2P

In peer-to-peer buying, you can buy through USDT, BTC, ETH, KCS, and USDC.

Buying Through P2P

Enter the amount you want to spend and select the traditional currency by clicking on the down arrow, enter the amount you want to buy or receive and select the currency like BTC, ETH, or others you want to purchase, select the payment method, and confirm the transaction.

Note: When trading, you may examine the changing value of any cryptocurrency. Kucoin gives you a detailed graph of the changing value of any cryptocurrency in the past. In that case, you might choose whether to trade in a particular cryptocurrency or not.


Investors can purchase, sell, and trade (margin and peer-to-peer) cryptocurrencies on the Kucoin exchange platform. It contains a built-in wallet you may use to securely store cryptocurrency in it that is accessible as an android, iOS, and extension. It also has more than 6 million clients and is accessible worldwide.

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