How to Get Started with Sorare NFTs – Complete Guide

Sorare is a virtual ground for Soccer and basketball players, where athletes come and build teams to play the games. Each player has a unique identity by having a special athlete card, unlike other games Sorare doesn’t allow the mixing of cards to generate new cards.

As we discussed, Sorare is providing two grounds to play the first one is soccer and the other one is basketball. In soccer, you must gather 5 cards, and in basketball 6 cards are gathered.

What is Sorare NFT

The platform built on Ethereum was created in 2018. Trading Sorare player cards cost $52,500 in 2020 and $3.6 million in 2021 when prices increased. Sorare is the platform for soccer and basketball lovers. Here you can build your teams and can earn points. It is available for the browser and mobile also. But even if you choose not to play, you still have the chance to manage virtual teams using playing cards. You can sell, purchase, trade, and manage them.

How to Get Started with SoRare NFTs

To play the Sorare you must have an account on this platform. Here we discuss each step to get started with the Sorare NFTs, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Set up the Wallet

Connect your digital wallet with the NFTs marketplace account. Register yourself on one of these given wallets like Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Enjin, Math Wallet, and others. A Digital wallet is essential for sending or receiving money while buying and selling NFTs. Here step by step guide to setting up the crypto wallet:

Go to the install MetaMask Extension, and click on the button Add to Chrome to install the extension:

Click on the Add Extension button:

After installation, click on the browser's extension icon on the right side of the screen and open MetaMask. Or it will redirect you by default:

Click on Get Started:

Read carefully and click I agree:


Here you can create or import a wallet, to create a new wallet click on Create Wallet:

Create a password, here one thing you should keep in mind is you have to remember everything because MetaMask doesn’t provide a forgotten password, and then hit the button Create:


Watch the video to learn good practices to secure the MetaMask and the hit button Next:

Reveal the word phrase and copy it to the clipboard or write down the given phrases in the given sequence and hit the Next button:

Check each phrase in the same sequence, that was given on the previous page and hit the Confirm:

Read and hit All done:

Here the wallet has been created:

Step 2: Open the Sorare Website

To go to Sorare Marketplace click here, and hit the button SIGN UP to create the account:

Enter your Email, Username, and Password, check the checkboxes to agree on the terms and conditions and finally hit the button Sign Up:

Go to the linked email and verify the account, hit the button Confirm email to verify the account:

Step 3: Connect the Wallet

Link your MetaMask wallet to this website. To link the wallet, click on the button Connect wallet given on the top right side of the screen, and then select the MetaMask wallet to sync:

Hit the button ADD FUNDS to add the fund:

Here you can transfer funds through Bank Transfer or ETH Wallet Here I transfer funds through ETH Wallet:

Hit the button CONNECT MY WALLET to connect the wallet:

Hit the button Next to connect Sorare with MetaMask:

Click the Connect button to connect the account:

After a successful connection, you can transfer funds to the Sorare account and will be able to become an athlete or you can join the team to play on the Sorare:


Sorare is the platform for soccer and basketball fans, it provides a complete fantasy scenario to its players. Here you can build your teams and can earn points. It is available for browsers and smartphones as well. To buy assets you need funds, you can transfer funds through a bank or Ethereum wallet.

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