How to Get into Crypto – A Complete Guide

Crypto investment has become the point of interest of many investors; everyone wants to come on this platform. Most of them gain profit and some of them bear the loss, why is this happening? Some are playing well but some are just losing hope. So, today's discussion is based on how to get into crypto.

So, what is crypto? crypto is a digital currency used to perform transactions without sticking to the central authority. In the market, there are various kinds of crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, SafeMoon, and many others. This is your choice, but wait a minute before making a choice you must have strong research behind it.

That was all about crypto but now most of the folk would be mindful of how to generate profit from crypto. So, the peeps there are multiple ways to earn from crypto let me list down all of the ways one by one. You can earn profit through mining, staking, airdrop participation, lending, playing games, crypto faucets, and many others…

How to Get into Crypto

If I say the investment is not about just taking the money out of pocket and dropping it, then I would not be wrong. Before investing and getting into crypto the following strategies you have to keep in your mind.

1: First Learn and Then Earn

The very weakest approach to listening about any crypto and suddenly going for the investment; you can’t be rich overnight. So before investing in any currency, there is a need for huge research to make the investment successful. Go for the on-chain analysis and technical analysis, and afterward make the decision to invest in any crypto.

2: Select the Crypto

After technical and on-chain analysis select the crypto and let start an investment. Through technical analysis, you can predict the future value of the crypto, if the predicted value is high then go to invest else leave it but continue the analysis.

Moreover, through on-chain analysis, you can analyze the investor's movement. For instance, if more investors are buying crypto but not selling means there would be a strong expectation of high value in the future.

Both analyses are important before investing in any crypto. So, you must keep an eye on it instead of keeping an eye on just investment.

3: Start with the Low Amount

Always start with the low investment, never put your all assets at once blindly, put a small amount, learn and experience things then go for the high amount on the base of your experiences. Investing more than your approach with zero experience can lead you to a big loss.

4: Choose the Best Crypto Exchange

Exchange is a mandatory part for investors and traders, through the exchange you can buy, sell, and trade crypto. There are a lot of exchanges available in the market but before choosing an exchange the following thing you should keep in mind:

  • Search multiple exchanges and compare the fee
  • Ensure security and insurance policies
  • Organize your tax reporting
  • Ensure there is adequate liquidity
  • Verify how many coins you can trade

Here are some good examples of a few exchangers: Binance, Coinbase, SushiSwap, and more…

5: Learn the Secure and Safe Storages Method

Purchasing crypto is not enough, you must have a strong idea of how to securely store your digital assets. Always go for strong storage and make sure your assets are safe. For instance, by default, the crypto is stored on the exchanges, and most of the traders keep them on the exchanges as it is not the best and most secure way to store the crypto directly on the exchanges. You must go for digital wallets as it is the secure way to store the crypto moreover you can fully own it. Here are a few recommendations to choose the digital wallet TrustWallet, CoinBase Wallet, Ambire Wallet, and Trezor.

6: Mechanisms to Make Money in Crypto

Purchasing top-rated coins and holding them is called investment and selling them at double the price is called profit. Profit is money that you earn in crypto, there are three mechanisms through which you can make money in crypto:

  1. Staking
  2. Mining
  3. Trading


Crypto is a digital currency used to perform transactions without sticking to the central authority. In the market, there are various kinds of crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, SafeMoon, and many others. To get into crypto, invest in any one of the cryptos and earn profit. There are 3 main mechanisms to earn profit in crypto: staking, mining, and trading.

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