How to Find my Bitcoin Address on Coinbase – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Bitcoin address is a unique identifier and it serves as a virtual identity or virtual location, it is always 26 - 35 in size and is a mixture of the alphanumeric key. It is generated by using a cryptographic algorithm.

Now, the question arises why do we need a Bitcoin address instead we can use an alternative like an IP address? So, the answer is quite simple: it is not a secure approach to send bitcoin using IP. In the earliest days, people were using this approach as it is the easiest way. Similarly, it is also the easiest way for the attacker to launch MITM (Man In The Middle) attack. Due to that reason, we had to go for the best and most secure approach, which is a bitcoin address.

What is Bitcoin Address

Bitcoin address is a set of random characters and it gives a unique identity to your crypto applications. when investors send money from one exchange to another, they need an address to receive the money that address is known as a Bitcoin address.

Most folks got confused about where they should get that address, if you are also in the same boat then continue reading the article:

How to Find my Bitcoin Address on Coinbase

Here is a step-by-step guide about the Bitcoin address and from where you get this:

Step 1: Log in to the Coinbase.

Step 2: Click the button “Send & Receive”:

Step 3: After that, a pop will appear on the screen, click on the highlighted arrow icon “>” to select the Bitcoin, because we need the bitcoin address:

Step 4: Select “Bitcoin”, after selection click on the “back arrow” to go back:

Step 5: Here the bitcoin has been selected and now we can find the Bitcoin address:

Step 6: Go to “Receive” to get the bitcoin address and use the blue highlighted icon to copy the address:

Note: You can use this address when you want to receive bitcoin from anyone, this is the address or location where you will receive the Bitcoin from the sender.


The Bitcoin address is a unique identifier that the receiver sends to the sender and then receives the Bitcoin at the provided address. It is generated by using cryptographic algorithms. You can change your bitcoin addresses when you want moreover it is completely unique.

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