What Are Doodles Everything You Need to Know About the Colorful NFT Project

Acknowledging the talent of artists, the digital world has taken a huge turn in favor of artists. Now, people with unique talents in digital arts can change their life through NFTs. Those individuals who are fond of digital art are enabled to purchase these digital collectibles, which in turn reward them with a token that proves their ownership over the digital asset they purchased.

Isn’t it satisfying to hear something like this? Yes, for sure! So, let’s dive in and get to know more about how these things work, how they work just by selling, buying, and storing digital collectibles, and how they are so popular in providing benefits to people.

What are Doodles?

Doodles are fascinating and the most discussed project of NFTs at the moment. It is a montage of line-drawn cartoonish characters which radiate vibrant colors. There are about 256 traits, along with 62 hand-drawn customized features, that are involved randomly in the formation of doodles.

A large number of doodle NFTs are minted on the Ethereum cryptocurrency's blockchain. This community-driven diverse collection of doodle characters crossed the number of 10,000 NFTs, which are a huge number of potential traits that include fascinating facial expressions, different hairstyles, bodies, dresses, hats, and a number of other traits.

Not only this, but there are also other things like pretty cats, pickles, apes, sentiment flames, beautiful flowers, skeletons, and aliens. The entire collection of doodle NFTs is in eye-catching pastels and rainbow colors.

If we go into the depths of these digital collectibles, we come to know the varying degree of a rarity among all the Doodle NFT traits. But it has not been made clear by the officials which trait is rare or which traits are the most common ones in the entire doodle collection.

One of the most fascinating things about doodles is that they are an enchanting entertainment tool and much more than just a simple PFP project. It has been made clear by the officials that the principal purpose of Doodle is to make its way toward the web3 entertainment company. For this purpose, the team of Doodle NFTs is working very hard and trying their level best to make this aim a reality.

Spaceship-themed Doodle NFTs

The officials have bigger plans for this project so they finally decided to take a step further. After the great success of doodles NFTs, the signs of something new on the horizon have been shown to the public followed by the launch of the Space Doodle. Consequently, it led the secondary sales to the next level and experienced record Doodles sales since its launch.

Instead of slowing down, it keeps on going bigger than ever. According to a member of the crew, Space Doodles are non-dilutive extended content of the doodle. Unlike other such projects, the doodle team introduced a new mechanism where doodle holders can swap their doodle NFTs for new space-themed NFTs which work in a separate collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of separate collections is to maintain the difference between original and derived doodles.

Difference between NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

Among the many differences, the main difference between cryptocurrency and NFT is that NFTs are non-fungible, which means they can neither be interchanged nor traded. Cryptocurrency can be equalized to others, but it is impossible for Doodle NFTs to be equal to others.

For instance, about a cryptocurrency, a coin will always be equal to its other coin, and a dollar will always be equal to a dollar. But when it comes to Doodle NFTs, the artwork of an artist will not be equal to what other artists create or a particular trait cannot be the same as other traits.

The fate of Doodle NFTs

Doodle NFTs have taken the digital world by storm because of their vibrant line-drawn cartoonish characters. They have experienced a shocking and tremendous amount of growth recently and are still growing aggressively. People are more attracted to Doodle NFTs and are investing more than the usual amount of money in them.

According to the experts of the crypto community, about 40% of crypto newbies will choose NFTs as their entry point in the crypto industry. The future of NFTs seems quite bright as it is going to be a significant part of the digital economy in the coming future.


In the digital world that is growing rampantly, Doodle NFTs are the cryptographic assets of arts or eye-catching line-drawn cartoonish characters that have earned their name recently in the crypto industry and experienced swift growth. Doodles are being sold and purchased regularly, which in turn generates a huge amount of revenue. They are based on the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, but unlike cryptocurrency, they cannot be traded or exchanged. There is no way Doodles are slowing down in growth and it is going to be a significant part of the future of the digital economy.

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