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Cryptocurrency inflows persist despite threat of impending European conflict

Inflows into digital asset investment products continued for the fifth straight week, totaling $109 million.

Latest CoinsShare report highlighted that inflows persisted despite recent price weakness and “realized the negative impact of the impending conflict in Eastern Europe”. While that continent still managed to get tickets last week, the majority, $101 million, came from the Americas.

currency flows

As usual, Bitcoin-based investment products saw the most inflows totaling $89 million last week, which is the most since December 2021. Despite the consistency, the report emphasized that inflows remained “tepid.” , as the total amount of entries in the last five weeks represents only 0.7% of the total assets under management (AUM)

After breaking a recent streak of inflows last week, Ethereum-based investment products have seen outflows return once again last week. Last week's $15 million outflows brought year-to-date Ethereum outflows to $113 million.

Meanwhile, multi-asset investment products continued to prove popular, taking in $9.4 million, while Solana also achieved $1.2 million in entries. The report noted that these products appeared "relatively isolated from the outputs seen in other products."

With notable inflows of $25 million, smart contract platform Avalanche also made a big splash last week. However, as the volume occurred in a single trading day, it remains to be seen whether it reflected actual demand. Finally, blockchain stocks had inflows of $26 million, “with inflows across a wide selection of investment products.”

past weeks

During the fourth consecutive week of inflows in the previous week, inflows from digital asset investment products totaled $75 million. The $209 million in total entries from the four-week run represented 0.4% of total assets under management (AUM) at the time. Furthermore, Ethereum-based investment products finally broke a 9-week streak of outflows, with inflows of $21 million that almost rivaled Bitcoin.

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