Crypto Mining Rigs Explained: From CPUs to GPUs to ASICs

Cryptocurrency mining is the hottest topic of the current date, everyone is focusing on it well if you are on the same road then this article is for you. Many individuals are looking to earn profit from mining, to perform the mining we have to go for two main options to perform mining procedures. The very first procedure is "Mining pool" and the other one is "Mining Rig". Mining rig further divides into three categories CPU Mining Rigs, GPU Mining Rigs, and ASIC Mining Rig. To know more about all these given mining rigs you must have to read the given article. Well in this article we will discuss what mining rigs are and the purpose behind switching CPU to GPU to ASIC so, let's get started!

What Is Mining?

A mining rig is a computer system that is specifically designed to perform the mining of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and others. Mining is the process of validating the transaction and the validation of the transaction will be done by solving mathematical puzzles. These mathematical puzzles require a lot of energy or power consumption as well as high-performance devices such as GPUs or ASICS. These are specific devices to perform mining and are used in mining rigs.

What Are Mining Rigs?

A customized, potent personal computer called a "Mining Rig" includes all PC parts, including RAM, storage, a motherboard, and a CPU. The main distinction is that the computing system uses GPUs rather than CPUs because of their high computational power and ability to handle complicated mathematical problems with more hash calculations. It draws miners' attention because of its high hash rate and simplicity of upkeep.

Setting up a mining rig could be a difficult process as it requires technical skills and knowledge, most of the miners join mining pools to get rid of setting up mining rigs as it is a headache as well as to get more chances of successfully mining process and earning reward, a mining pool is the best choice.

To build the mining rigs the following software is required GPUs (An MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GAMING 8G GPU), ASICs (A Bitmain Antminer Bitcoin Miner S19 Pro), Motherboard (The ASUS Prime Z370-A Motherboard), CPU (An Intel Core i5-9400 Processor), RAM, Power Supply Unit (A Straight Power 11 Platinum 1200W), Storage (A Samsung EVO SATA 2.5” SSD 250 GB). All these given software are costly and setting up them is itself a headache, you cannot set up a mining rig if you don’t have enough technical knowledge.

Crypto Mining Rigs Explained: From CPUs to GPUs to ASICs

In the early days of cryptocurrency trends, mining was done with the help of CPUs but later on the miner moved to GPUs or ASICs. What was the reason behind switching directly from CPU to GPUs and GPUs to ASICs? Let’s discuss the reason and know more about the concepts behind it!

As we all know mining is the process of verifying the transaction on a blockchain network and we can do this by using CPU Mining, GPU Mining, and ASIC Mining. Let's discuss the difference between them and the purpose of switching from CPU to GPU to ASIC.

CPU Mining: CPU mining rigs use the central processing unit to mine the cryptocurrency and this method is not efficient because the mining process requires high computational power to mine the cryptocurrency. CPU mining rigs failed to mine (BTC) or other complex cryptocurrencies but they can still be used for low complex crypto.

GPU Mining: GPU mining uses a graphic processing unit that is time faster than a CPU and with the help of this type of rig miners can perform mining efficiently because they can solve mathematical puzzles much faster than a CPU. These rigs typically have multiple GPUs running parallel to increase the mining speed and it is commonly used for Ethereum (ETH)

ASIC Mining: ASIC mining rigs use application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) to mine the cryptocurrencies, this type of machines are specifically designed chips for the mining process which is more time efficient than CPU and GPU. ASIC mining rigs are expensive but provide higher hash rates, which means it is very efficient and commonly used to mine Bitcoin (BTC).

Note: The main purpose of switching from CPUs to GPUs to ASICs is to perform mining efficiently.


Specifically designed computers called "mining rigs" are used to mine cryptocurrencies, which take a lot of computational capacity to solve mathematical puzzles. The three major categories of mining rigs are CPU, GPU, and ASIC mining, each with advantages and disadvantages of its own. CPU mining is less effective for extremely complex cryptocurrencies, but it is still used for less complex cryptocurrencies. We can use a GPU and ASIC mining rig to mine highly complicated cryptocurrencies. The best mining rigs to use rely on several variables, including the type of cryptocurrency, available budget, and desired hash rate. ASIC mining is also very costly but offers higher performance than CPU and GPU mining despite being cheaper.

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