How to Connect MetaMask to the Sepolia Testnet

A non-custodial wallet (MetaMask) is used to send and receive money as well as securely store coins. Additionally, it provides the integration of DApps, which makes it easier to communicate with other networks and transfer data and values between other systems.  It may be downloaded and set up as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, and available for smartphones (Android, iOS) as well.

In this article, we'll go over adding Sepolia Testnet networks to MetaMask.

What Is Sepolia Testnet Network

The Ropsten Testnet, which is currently out of date, is replaced by the Sepolia Testnet, a brand-new test network for the Ethereum blockchain. The Sepolia Testnet uses the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Before deploying smart contracts to the main net, it is strongly advised to test them on the Sepolia Testnet.

How to Add Sepolia Testnet Network to MetaMask

MetaMask allows you to add different blockchain networks like Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon Network, Fantom, Avalanche Network, Sepolia Testnet, Goerli Testnet, and CELO. You can add all these mentioned blockchain networks to the MetaMask wallet.

Here are the quick and easiest guidelines to add the Sepolia Testnet network to MetaMask:

Step 1: To store and send or receive coins we always need a wallet. So, here is a step-by-step guide to setting up MetaMask.

Step 2: After activation log in to your MetaMask account to connect the MetaMask to the Sepolia Testnet Network.


Step 3: Here you can select different networks like Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, Palm, and many others. It is totally up to you. Here I select Ethereum Mainnet:

Step 4: Go to “Profile” and navigate to “Settings”:

Step 5: Go to the Networks”:

Step 6: Click on “Add a network” to add the blockchain Networks:

Step 7: Click on “Add a network manually” to add a manual network:

Step 8: For instance, I want to add the Sepolia Test Network so here to add this network and enter the following details:

Network Name: Sepolia Test Network


Chain Id: 11155111

Currency Symbol: SEP

Block Explorer URL:

After entering all the given details hit the button “Save”:

Note: You have to add the following details (Network Name, New RPC URL, Chain Id, Currency Symbol, Block Explorer URL) according to the network.

Step 9: Here you can see Sepolia Testnet is successfully added:

Note: Like Sepolia Testnet you can add another blockchain network by following the same steps given in the article.


The purpose of joining the blockchain network with MetaMask is to carry out transactions fast and affordably. You can connect to a variety of decentralized networks and applications, including CELO, Polygon Network, Fantom, Avalanche Network, Sepolia Testnet, and Goerli Testnet by Utilizing MetaMask. This article is step-by-step guide on connecting MetaMask with Sepolia Testnet.

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