Coinmama Vs Coinbase – A Complete Comparison

Coinmama is a leading trading platform, headquartered in Israel, and originated in 2013. It helps you to sell and buy crypto by connecting a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Coinbase is also an exchanger, its headquarters are in California, USA, and originated in 2012. It is also used to buy and sell or trade crypto. Both are exchange platforms but still, there are a few differences between them.

Coinmama Vs Coinbase

Here we list down the difference between Coinmama and Coinbase. After reading this article your choice will be clear whether you go for Coinmama or Coinbase.

  Coinmama Coinbase
1 It is regulated by FinCEN, FINTRAC It is regulated by CBol


2 It enables cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DOGE, UNI, LINK, and XTZ ) It enables (BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, IOTA, NEO, EOS, FIL, WBTC, SHIB, and BNB)


3 It doesn’t support crypto staking It supports crypto staking
4 It is only available for android platform It is available for both android and IOS
7 Payment methods for Coinmama are Apple Pay Credit Card, Debit Card, Google Wallet, Skrill, Swift, and Wire Transfer For Coinbase Silvergate Bank Transfer, Visa, Western Union, and Wire Transfer
8 It requires a minimum deposit of $30 for Coinmama The minimum deposit for Coinbase is $0
9 Active users 2.2M Active Users 13.3M
10 No built-in wallet It has a built-in wallet
11 It provides anonymity It doesn’t provide anonymity
12 It has 5% withdrawal fee It has up to 3% withdrawal fee
13 It achieves a high level of security, as well as it provides user-friendly interface It is also secure and easy to use.
14 Available in 188 countries, most of the countries of the USA It is not available in all of the countries.


Deep analysis of Coinmama and Coinbase, we evaluated that Coinmama has a higher score than Coinbase, Coinmama is available in most countries whereas Coinbase is available in very limited countries as well as doesn’t support all of the coins. Coinmama has a better user experience than Coinbase moreover it has the lowest trading fee.

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