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California Bill Appears to Accept Cryptocurrencies for State Services

The California State Legislature introduced a bill last week that would allow citizens to pay for government services with cryptocurrency.

Senate Bill #1275 was introduced by Democratic State Senator Sydney Kamlager on February 18. document States. “A state agency may accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for the provision of government services.”

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California has now joined the ranks of public and private institutions competing to allow payment for services and goods in cryptocurrencies. Late last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled a proposal that would allow companies to pay state fees in cryptocurrencies. He introduced the proposal as part of a series of others related to cryptocurrencies in the state's 2022 budget.

This came on the heels of fellow Florida politician, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. A vocal proponent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for some time, he said he would accept Bitcoin payment and was working to offer it as payment to government officials. This enthusiasm sparked a friendly rivalry with newly sworn in New York Mayor Eric Adams, who offered to take his first three months of Bitcoin payout.

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In addition to government institutions exploring cryptocurrency payment options, nearly a quarter of small businesses across nine countries said they have plans to accept digital currencies as payment in 2022, according to a recent Visa survey. “I think more people are feeling more confident with cryptocurrency,” said Jeni Mundy, Global Head of Merchant Sales and Acquisition of Visa. Meanwhile, 13% of consumers in these countries said they expect more retail stores to accept cryptocurrencies this year. Cryptocurrency payments for real estate are also taking off, according to, while ride-sharing app Uber is also “absolutely” planning to offer cryptocurrency payments this year.

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