How to Buy Luna Crypto – A Step-by-Step Guide

Luna is a cryptocurrency created by Terraform Labs that exists in South Korea, it was developed on the Terra blockchain. It is a blockchain similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, that generates Luna tokens and it has four different roles in the network, a technique to pay for transaction costs in the Terra community, Staking in Terra’s delegated proof of stake (DPoS) to validate community transactions, and a mechanism for retaining Terra’s stablecoin peg.

How to Buy Luna Crypto

Here is a step-by-step guide to buying Luna crypto, all the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to implement. You could buy Luna crypto using Binance which is freeware and you can install it on mobile, desktop, and laptop.

Prerequisites to Buy Luna Crypto

  • You must have installed the application Binance on your mobile devices, laptop, or desktop. So that you can perform trading of cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Luna.
  • Integration of private wallet “Trust Wallet” with your Binance application to store the crypto.
  • You must have enough funds in your wallet to perform the transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Luna Crypto

To buy any crypto you must have an idea of whether it is available or not and where you can buy it. To track the crypto visit the website Coinmarketcap, it is the platform that provides you with valid information about crypto. Here is the step-by-step easiest guide to buying Luna crypto using Binance:


i: Open the Binance app and log in to the account.

ii: Enter the verification code that would be received on your given email or phone number and hit the “Submit” button.

iii: Once the account is successfully opened, go to “Market” and search Luna in the given search box.

iv: Once Luna appears, click on it, after hitting on trade its main chart will be opened.


Note: The main chart is a graphical representation of historical data on crypto, and it helps investors in technical analysis.


vi: Select the time duration on the given chart for the technical analysis, you may select 15 minutes or maybe 1 hour it’s totally up to you.

vii: Enter the amount of Luna and hit the button “Buy”.

Risk to Buy Luna Crypto

Luna behaves bullishly in the past, so that’s why according to some investors it may be a good investment or may not be. The Luna market has crashed in 2021 and beyond performance is in no way a guarantee of future effects. Any selection to make investments must be based on your attitude to risk, and strong prediction by technical skills. Moreover, in no way to make investments extra than you can afford to lose.

Despite the crash, there are still some investors who are optimistic and taking an interest to invest in Luna. According to some investors' Luna price predictions in 2024, the coin can also alternate with average costs of $3.23 and a potential low of $2.34.


Luna is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is designed using the Terra blockchain. We discussed the easiest steps and guides to buying Luna Crypto, although it is going in the dark mode still it is the pinpoint for some investors, according to their prediction 2024 may be the year that comes with good value for this currency.

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