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A Shiba Inu announcement will be made soon and will be remembered forever

O ShibaGuruAMA was held today with around 8,000 people present on Twitter Spaces. The SHIB team touched base with a variety of topics that include Shibarium, Metavserse, Shiberse, Games, and more. However, at the end of the event, the speaker Queen (SHIB Discord moderator) stated that Shytoshi messaged her in the chats. She confirmed that an announcement will soon be made that will be remembered “forever and ever” in the Shiba Inu world.

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“Shytoshi just told me 'something is coming and will be cherished forever'. This is from Shytoshi,” Queenie said. The host responded with “wow, this is super exciting!”

Queenie added: "The thing that's coming (announcement), should be next week I believe. The surprise comes next week. Or at least for the next few days. Everyone loves it when I say that, yes, it's going to be something exciting," she said.

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Various 'heart and applause' reactions immediately appeared on the screen as listeners shared their excitement.

However, Queenie and Shytoshi did not hint at what the announcement could be. However, we will have to wait and wait for an official confirmation on the big announcement.

Shiba Inu AMA with CryptoBuyClub

ShibaGuruAMA saw some announcements about the upcoming Metaverse 'Shiberse'. The team confirmed that 99,000 plots will be for sale and 35,000 plots will be tendered in the first phase. The bidding process will be a 10-day 'ground event' and Leash holders will have access to bids and purchase lots.

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The rest of the plots will be open at stage level and will be accessible to everyone. However, the bidding system and mechanism will be announced when the Shiberse release date is near. Also, the maximum a 'portfolio' can buy is 100 lots with a 10 by 10 plot.

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